1. in progress

  2. Learn’d and Unlearn’d Feel That It Is So
    Sintra drypoint, etching, and screenprint on both sides of rice paper

  3. Selah #2 + detail
    Etching and drypoint on Kitakata; collage on BFK Rives

    Exchange print for the 2014 SGCI conference.

  4. all day all night

  5. PrintmakerHands. SGCI edition!

  6. BRAYER GON’ BRAY: A Printivity Book. Coming to an SGCI near you! Come see me at open portfolio, Thursday night!

  7. SEMO printshop signage. TAKE NOTE ALL YE WHO USE THIS STUDIO.

  8. making work is dirty business.

  9. begun.

  10. Selah #1
    etching and drypoint on Kitakata