1. Finally photographed this piece. mercybreath is a 3’x5’ woodcut printed on BFK Rives as part of the Really Big Prints! event at the University of Wisconsin - Manitowoc this past July. 

  2. today, printing. alpenglow.

  3. Even Among These Rocks

    etching, drypoint and relief roll

    printed for the 2014 MAPC Members Portfolio Exchange, exhibited at the 2014 MAPC Biennial Conference in Detroit, MI. recipient of the President and Vice President Award.

  4. This past summer I was excited to be one of the selected artists to participate in Community Supported Art - Saint Louis! Along with 8 other St. Louis artists, I created an edition of 50 works to be distributed to 50 shareholders in the first season. Each piece brings printmaking into three-dimensional space, resulting in rock-like forms that highlight the print relic as evidence of ritualistic printmaking process.

    My work will be featured in Pick Up #2 on October 18th at the Kranzberg Arts Center, along with work by Tom Dykas and Caroline Philippone.

  5. (reliquary) // Kitakata, beeswax, graphite, carborundum

  6. joshdannin:

    A bunch of pictures from the #MAPC2014 Open Portfolio at Print City: Detroit — Now up on Printeresting // [sticker: haypeep​]

    Oh hey, my work’s in here. Also work by lots of other printmakers who I want to be like when I grow up.

  7. Currently.

  8. inkarrowsmag:

    Issue Seven of Ink & Arrows Magazine is OUT NOW! It features interviews from, our cover artist, Nikita Kaun, Jared Tuttle, Kim Wells, Elliot Phillips, Ophelia Mercedes & many more!

    Click the image to read or click here!

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    Check out the latest issue of Ink & Arrows Magazine, featuring work and words by the ever-humbled Me and a ton of other rad artists!

  9. Installation, last March/April. Photos can be found at my website. Video filmed and edited by Adam Miller, rad brother and filmmaker.

  10. Proof of work.