1. Currently at the University of Wisconsin - Manitowoc for Really Big Prints, a steamroller print event. Carved most of the block before arriving, continuing carving the first few days, printing at the end of the week.

  2. Press is done! Fully refurbished 10x15 1950 C&P.

    Free of rust, dust, ash, ink, oil and grease build-up. New rollers. New runners. New tympan bale. Expansion trucks. Working motor. Freshly oiled and greased. AWWW YEAHHH.

  3. like night and day. continuing press restoration on a 10x15 C&P. (“presstoration,” if you will)

  4. #PrintmakerHands

  5. Summer update: I’m restoring this babe of a press (10”x15” C&P) at Firecracker Press in St. Louis! Once restored, it’ll be moved to A new creative entrepreneur space/letterpress shop in Cape Girardeau, MO. The building the press came from was in a fire so the press is covered in soot and rust.

    Basically: lots o’ grime.

  6. Crappy phone pictures from my current exhibition, “burn and make me new”.

  7. "I have carved shelves out of my heart to try and bring an order to things." (Mojgani)

  8. keep making.

  9. recent work; encaustics, using printmaking as a conceptual springboard

  10. Make These Piles On The Places You Need To Remember Yourself
    Fall 2013